Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy 11 Month Birthday!

I think an update on Ryan's development is long overdue:

Ryan's weight is 22.5 lbs.

Ryan is still eating 4 times per day (approx. at 7am, noon, 5pm, 9pm). Each meal is 6-7 oz of milk plus 2-3 oz of puree. The foods he's eaten are (in order of when they're first eaten):
Breast milk
Powdered rice and oat cereal
Butternut squash
Yam & sweet potatoes
Egg yolk
Teething biscuits (barley)
Starbucks iced americano (just a sip)
...and last night...Chicken Tikka Masala (he was initially shocked by the spice, but he kept eating more)

Ryan gets a bath every night around 8 pm. At around 10 months old, his eczema started flaring up again, so we've been sure to follow every bath with a heavy application of either vaseline or shea butter.

Ryan's fine motor skills are improving. He's feeding himself small bites of dried
yogurt and teething biscuits. He doesn't quite have the pincer grasp
perfected but he's close. This video was taken last weekend (5/23)....

He's very curious and gets into everything. He loves to open drawers and cabinet doors and then pull everything out. He puts everything in mouth.

Ryan now has severe separation anxiety. It started at approx 9 months old and has gotten worse since. Now he'll cry even if I walk 20 ft away, staying within sight. Or he might even cry while being held by one parent and the other parent leaves the room.

He constantly does this funny yoga-like pose. Is this normal?

He used to sit quietly in his car seat or stroller in restaurants while Brooke and I ate. Now he'll cry if he's not at the table, in a highchair, and eating while we're eating.

There's been no major breakthroughs in Ryan's speech over the last few months. He is making the "dada" and "mama" sounds, though he's not really referring to dad
or mom. He hasn't yet strung together different-sounding syllables.

He thinks the word "no" is really funny. Is it possible the "terrible twos" has started early?

He's still a really bad sleeper. We need to rock him in our arms for about 10 minutes before he'll sleep. He doesn't like his crib so he always eventually ends up in our bed between us. For fear of him suffocating, I've been sleeping without a pillow. He wakes up at least 5 times per night, usually requiring further rocking to go back to sleep. He naps twice in the day for about an hour each, although he never wants to go down for his nap. Also, he's a sleep-crawler. About three weeks ago, we woke up to Ryan crying after he crawled between us and down off the foot of the bed.

Last weekend we purchased 2 pairs of shoes for him. Size 6.
So far he's only worn them for a total of 15 minutes, but it seems like
he's refusing to walk with shoes. See for yourself....

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