Monday, August 30, 2010

Washington Apple Country


This week we went on a trip to Washington apple country and had a great time. After a beautiful drive through the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, our first destination was Leavenworth. For our California readers, this is Washington's Solvang, except it's a Bavarian Village rather than Danish. It was miserably hot, so we didn't spend much time in town before we headed for a park along the Wenatchee river.


Waterfront Park....

An unplanned stop at the Aplets and Cotlet factory. I love those little overly-sweet candies....

Our final destination was Stutzman Ranch in Wenatchee....

We were really excited to visit a U-pick apple orchard. It was something I had done with my family as a kid and I wanted to bring Ryan. When we arrived at Stutzman Ranch, we were greeted by the owners, Floyd and Betsy Stutzman. It was obvious they were very busy handling a pear harvest and sales at their fruit stand, but they generously gave us a tour of their ranch and answered a hundred of my questions.

They warned us that the apples were a few weeks away from being ripe, but we couldn't resist and picked about a dozen anyways. They weren't very sweet, so I'll have to use them in a pie. Fortunately, they also had plenty of deliciously ripe pears, nectarines and peaches to pick....

We expected to just get apples, but we got so much more. There were a variety of fruits, a bunch of farm animals (goats, chickens, and a pig), and really nice farmers. Plus, they have a large pneumatic pumpkin cannon that they'll start firing in October. This will definitely be a new family tradition!
DSC_5375 (goats)

Here are just a few reasons to visit a U-pick farm:
(1) Best fruit available (ripe, fresh, no bruises)
(2) Saves money (apples & pears were only $.50/lb.)
(3) Helps out a family-owned farmer
(4) It's fun to pick your own fruit
(5) No annoying stickers to remove from the fruit


Anonymous said...

Pike place, woodland park zoo, leavenworth, you guys are such tourists. Next week, Mt. Rainier?


Van said...

Thanks a lot. You just took all the fun out of my next post: The Original Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to pay homage to the original Costco.