Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy 10 month birthday!

What a month for his physical development. Just last month he was only able to stand stationary for a few seconds at a time. A couple of weeks later, he began walking around while holding on to the furniture. And by his 10 month birthday, he's walking around great. In fact, he's completely given up crawling. He has gotten so mobile that we've had to put up the "baby jail".

Connor is also better at eating solids. Usually in a day he'll eat three 3-oz servings of chicken or beef congee, and any combination of two of the following: egg yolk, banana, mango, or avocado.  We also regularly try to feed him sweet potato or apple sauce, but he doesn't like them much. We've reduced his milk intake from seven 5-oz bottles per day to five or six.

Connor doesn't talk much. His verbal communication usually consists of a series of ultra high pitched squeals. And when he does babble, he says "da da da da" when he's happy and "ma ma ma ma" when he's mad, uncomfortable, or he wants something. We don't think his "da" and "ma" are in any way referring to his parents.


Ryan and Connor playing a hybrid game of peekaboo and hide & seek…

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