Monday, August 18, 2008

Seattle Triathlon Weekend (part 1)

Van and I spent the last weekend in Seattle. We were there so that I could do the Danskin Triathlon with my mom. We arrived at a little after 12:00am Friday morning and attempted to sleep in as much as possible. One of our goals for the weekend was to sneak in as many of our food favorites in between triathlon stuff as possible. We checked one of our favorites off the list on Friday morning with a trip to the Family Pancake House. I don't believe there are better pancakes anywhere.
After breakfast, we headed to a friend's house on Lake Washington for a practice swim in the lake. It was around 80 degrees, the perfect day for a swim in the cool water. Swimming in Lake Washington is so much more enjoyable than swimming in the ocean in Santa Barbara. First (and best) of all, there are no sharks. The water in the lake is clear enough that I can see at least 2 feet down versus the 6 inch visibility of the murky ocean water. I also got to see fish! Lots of cute little fish beneath me, and the spectators on the dock witnessed several 30 lb King Salmon jumping out of the lake.After a quick shower, we headed to Chinatown to enjoy a few more of our food favorites. We had some Ma Pa Tofu, some Chinese broccoli and wonton mein. I know those things don't really go together, and our waitress agreed, but we only had one opportunity to get everything we wanted.
When we got home, there were some beautiful "good luck" flowers waiting for us from my wonderful brother, complete with a card featuring his Eye of the Tiger pep talk.

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