Saturday, August 30, 2008


Brooke and I are in Seattle again. The last trip was only 2 weeks ago. This time it's for my little cousin Sophia's wedding. We spent most of yesterday just lazily walking around, taking photos, and eatings & drinking. In other words, it's another typical weekend for us. Here are some photos of our trip so far.....

Downtown Seattle for some shopping
Then we walked toward the Pike Place Market and Post Alley (home of the first Starbucks and Sur La Table). We had lunch at the aptly named Pink Door. It's an unassuming front door, but the restaurant is great. With indoor seating, you may find a trapeze artist swinging overhead. We chose the outdoor seating which offers great views of the city and bay.
From Pike Place, we walked down to the waterfront. Notice the really beautiful clouds....
Photos taken from Pier 70, the location of our wedding.
Sculpture Garden, near Pier 70
Velodrome races @ Marymoor Park in Redmond


penny said...

I can't wait till you guys settle down in Seattle and we can come visit and eat and shop with you guys!!

Brooke said...

I had the exact same thought while we were out and about that day! :)