Monday, April 7, 2008

Hiking at the Sedgwick Reserve & dinner with friends

This weekend Van and I had the opportunity to go hiking at the Sedgwick Reserve.
It was the ten year anniversary of the land belonging to UCSB (I think) and to celebrate
they invited the public to come to a BBQ and to go on guided hikes.

A view from the road on the drive in.

They had tri-tip and chicken on the grill.

There was also what I think was a Petanque court there. Van and I played a couple of games, although I am not sure we played correctly. Even though my form might not have been as exciting as his, I won!

While on the hike, our guide pointed out an Oak tree full of holes with acorns inside. Apparently, a family of Acorn Woodpeckers lives in this tree and store their acorns in the holes they peck.

That night we had plans to go over to a friend's house (who happens to be a fabulous cook) for dinner. She prepared an amazing dinner for us, I wish my pictures did the food justice.

This was the best French Onion soup I have ever had!

For dessert we had creme brulee, freshly flamed (see the torch in the back), with berries and home made whipped creme. I have never had creme brulee this way before, but is was definitely delicious!