Monday, April 21, 2008

Vintners' Festival

This past weekend was the Santa Barbara County Vinters' Festival. So we had some friends over for brunch with crepes and mimosas, and then headed up to wine country to take advantage of all the free food that accompanies wine tasting during the Vintners' festival.We had planned to start at Au Bon Climat and Qupe since they only open twice a year. We got there about an hour after they opened and it was so packed we could barely walk into the building. We decided to leave and come back later and hope it had cleared out a little. From there, we went to Cambria. The winery and the location was really beautiful, but we weren't very impressed with the wines. We then went back to ABC and luckily the crowd had cleared out quite a bit. Our favorite wine of the day was the 2005 Nielsen Vineyard Syrah from Qupe. Barrels at Au Bon Climat. Enjoying our food and wine and trying to stay warm (it was a very cold windy day).

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