Saturday, April 26, 2008

Run #5

Today's run was especially difficult because we did our run right after I came home from a particularly intense pilates session. Also, it is around 75 degrees outside, and I have a really hard time running in anything above 65. I know my fellow runners in Phoenix and Sacramento are rolling their eyes right now :), I am lucky to run in a place where it is usually not that hot.

I am really excited about my new triathlon training group. The kick-off party on Thursday night was mostly just an introduction of the various teams to join. They have a track team, a half-marathon training group and a sprint triathlon training group; I joined the long course triathlon group. There was also a guest speaker, the inventor of FRS sports drink who gave a really interesting talk. I really need to start up my biking and swimming training now. I am a little freaked out about starting to train for an ocean triathlon after the report of the shark attack of a triathlete in San Diego yesterday, but I know the chances of it happening here are probably very small. Wish me luck!

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